Travel Basketball

MYSA/GHAA Travel Basketball Announcement

To Whom It May Concern,

In 2022-23, the MYSA Travel Basketball Program was opened to everyone in the Metamora Township High School District (Germantown Hills, Metamora, Riverview, and St. Mary’s Catholic School). This change was to provide the community a place to play basketball as one with the goal to become more competitive with the other community-based programs. This change was driven by the feedback received by all the communities and was coupled with the support of the boys High School coaching staff.

After the completion of the 2022-23 season, the MYSA Board of Directors sent surveys out to those families who participated in our program with an overwhelming response to continue offering a program for everyone. It was then discussed and voted on at a MYSA Board meeting to continue to keep our Travel Basketball Program open to everyone in the Metamora Township High School District for the 2023-24 season. The Board of Directors also decided to create a Basketball Committee to bring the knowledge of our GHMS, MGS, and MTHS coaches together to build a program that teaches the same principals and fundamentals they will need for their school programs along with overseeing the evaluation process moving forward.

Recently, the GHAA and the MYSA Executive Boards met to discuss the direction and vision for Metamora area travel basketball. This discussion was very positive between the two organizations and has led to the following announcement for travel basketball. For the 2023-24 Travel Basketball season, the MYSA and GHAA will be merging their travel basketball programs for boys and girls. Together, GHAA and the MYSA will work side-by-side to build a community-based program that will be guided by the Basketball Committee’s vision. All registration will be handled through the MYSA organization.

The player evaluation process will be overseen by some of the GHMS, MGS, and MTHS coaches. All ages, boys and girls, regardless of registration numbers will need to be evaluated. The intent of this process is to provide the best experience possible within the playing time guidelines. If a team(s) is fielded, it could be one team, a hybrid team, or two separate teams but this will not be determined until after every registered player has been evaluated. Coaches will be interviewed and selected after each team has been selected. Please see the flier below for additional information of what the travel basketball program entails.

We encourage you to volunteer to help make this a successful travel season. We also encourage you to reach out to us to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

The GHAA Board of Directors, the MYSA Board of Directors, and the Basketball Committee members listed below.

Ryan Davis (GHMS 8th Grade Girls Coach)
Justin Dehm (MTHS Varsity Boys Asst. Coach)
Russ Garey (GHMS 8th Grade Boys Coach)
Keith Helwig (MYSA)
Kyle Kamm (MYSA)
Ryan Otto (MYSA)
Michaela Reedy (MTHS Varsity Girls Head Coach)
Nathan Thomas (GHAA)
Eric Wendte (MGS 8th Grade Boys Coach)
Kyle Weyeneth (Former MGS & MTHS Basketball Coach)
Tony Wooden (MYSA)

MYSA/GHAA Travel Basketball Program

MYSA is now accepting registrations for the 2023-2024 Travel Basketball season.

Registration closes on 9/2/2023.

Registration is available for the following

3rd Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

​3rd Grade Girls

4th Grade Girls

5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Girls

(Depending on registration numbers, we may combine age levels. Example: 3rd/4th Grade)

Tryout Details

Tryouts will be held September 9th and 10th at Metamora Grade School. Teams will be selected and announced within a week of evaluations. There is no cost to tryout, but if your child is selected to a team the player fee must be paid prior to the first practice.

What does the Travel Basketball Program entail?

The Travel Basketball Program is a competitive program that builds team and individual skills for taking the next steps into their school program.

Practices: Typically, two weekday evening practices and one weekend practice for the month of October. Once games start in November, teams drop-down to two weekday evening practices. Practice length is between 1-1/2 to 2 hours all season. Practices may be held in both Germantown Hills & Metamora locations.

Games: All teams will start playing games in November & continue through the end of February. Each team will participate in at least 3 local tournaments and will have the opportunity to participate in one overnight tournament (The kids love it, but we leave the decision up to each individual team’s coaches and parents). At least 1/3 of the game schedule will be played at Metamora Grade School or Germantown Hill Middle School. The remaining games are typically within 45 minutes.

3rd Grade Level – 18-23 guaranteed games
th Grade Level – 20-25 guaranteed games
th Grade Level – 25-30 guaranteed games
th Grade Boys – TBD games (Before school season)
th Grade Girls – TBD games (After school season)
(All teams could play more depending on tournament success)

If your child loves basketball, is looking for a more competitive opportunity than In-House, and/or is wanting more gym time than In-House, the MYSA Travel Basketball Program is a great option for your child.

Coaches & Assistant Coaches

If you are interested in coaching or assisting in the Travel Basketball Program, please acknowledge so on the registration form. As registration winds down, the Travel Basketball Director(s) will be talking with candidates that are interested.


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