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Little League Rules with these exceptions

General Rules

  1. Games begin promptly at 6:00pm and are 6 innings in length. No new inning can be started more than 1 hour and 15 minutes after the schedules game start time unless agreed upon by both coaches. Games ending in a tie will be considered completes.
  2. Innings 1–5 will be over when 5 runs have scored or there are 3 outs. The 6th inning has no cap on runs scored.
  3. Mercy Rule: If a team is up by 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 after 5 innings the game will be ended.
  4. If a team is unable to field nine players on defense it can draw substitute players from the offensive team and will be played in Right Field.
  5. Coach pitch balls will be used at all times.
  6. Base distance shall be 55 ft.
  7. No metal spikes.
  8. The home team is identified on the schedule and will occupy the third base dugout.
  9. No spectators shall be allowed behind the backstop
  10. Upon completion of the game, each manager is responsible for the cleanliness of their dugout and spectator areas.
  11. After the game, the home team is responsible for raking and leveling the areas around home plate and the pitcher’s mound, removing the bases, and installing anchor plugs
  12. Coaches are the Umpires.

Defensive Rules

  1. Players must be rotated during each game. Managers must maintain a position chart and assure that all players play at least one inning in the infield each game and that no player plays the same position more than twice in the same game. No player will sit out two consecutive innings.
  2. A standard infield alignment will be used.
  3. All teams will field a catcher who will wear a face protector, protective cup, and full catcher’s gear.
  4. Coach pitch will be utilized at the 8u age league.
  5. The child pitcher must be positioned with 1 foot inside the circle.
  6. All infielders (except the pitcher) must play behind the line between the bases. (Base Lines)
  7. Infielders are to be instructed not to position themselves where they will interfere with the base runners.
  8. Four outfielders are played at normal depth, the grass area of the outfield. Short fielders are not allowed.
  9. Play is stopped when the ball is under control of the infield position player. Outfielders standing in the infield do not stop the play.
  10. Defensive coaches are permitted on the field, but only in the outfield grass. Defensive coaches are not permitted to touch a live ball or physically assist a player.

Offensive Rules

  1. A continuous batting order will be used in each game.
  2. Offensive coaches are positioned on the pitching mound and first and third base. Coaches are not permitted to touch base-runners.
  3. On deck batters are not allowed on the field. On deck batters must be positioned behind the screen and not allowed within 10 feet of another player or spectator. On deck batters must wear a batting helmet.
  4. Each batter will be allowed 7 pitches. If the ball is not put in play or hit foul on the 7th pitch, the player will be out. There are no walks.
  5. A batter who throws their bat after swinging will be warned the first time and called out the second time.
  6. Base runners must avoid contact, and have the option of sliding (first feet only). If a runner slides headfirst or in a manner the umpire determines to be malicious, the runner will be called out. Runners may also be called out if, in the opinion of the umpire, the do not attempt to avoid contact.
  7. Stealing is not allowed.
  8. A runner who is in between bases when play is stopped goes to the nearest base.
  9. No more than two bases is allowed on an overthrow in foul territory. Only one base is allowed for throws out of play.
  10. The infield fly rule is in effect.