About us

Our Mission

The Metamora Youth Sports Association is an independent, volunteer organization, which provides recreational activities for our youth. Although MYSA is not a part of the Metamora School District or the Metamora Park District, it contributes substantially by providing programs that benefit the community as a whole.  Programs offered each year are: basketball, baseball, and softball.

MYSA Board meetings are held once per month throughout the year. Meetings usually take place on Sundays at 7:00 pm at The Flame Restaurant in Metamora.

MYSA Mission Statement:

The mission of the MYSA includes the following:
• Organized sports for all who sign up
• Sports, which MYSA sponsors, are to be fun
• Programs provide an opportunity for children to improve their skills regardless of their ability
• Sports are performed at locations designed to ensure the first three missions

Sport programs are developed to promote teamwork and fellowship in a wholesome
setting. MYSA will strive to raise funds to create or improve facilities and equipment
needed to fulfill the above goals.

Note: Children from the Metamora Grade School District are automatically eligible to participate in MYSA sponsored activities. Children from surrounding communities who do not have an organization providing the activity are also eligible to participate. Children from areas that have an organization that provides a program for the activity in question will be handled on a case by case basis.

MYSA reserves the right to deny any eligible child to participate if the actions of an individual child or parent are found to be unacceptable as determined by the Board of Directors. A child or parent with behavior that is unacceptable to the MYSA Board will be specifically excluded from participating in MYSA activities. The MYSA will not discriminate according to race, religion, physical or sexual orientation.

MYSA is always in need of volunteers. Please contact one of the current Board members for information.