1. Arguments between coaches or players are not permitted.
  2. This league aims to prepare individuals confidently for future baseball or softball participation. As an instructional league, the emphasis is on teaching the game, promoting sportsmanship, and ensuring enjoyment. Although winning is part of the game, it is not the league's primary focus. Instead, we prioritize building confident young players.


  1. Players will be evenly distributed across the field each inning, maintaining a standard infield setup with extra players evenly spaced in the outfield.
  2. Players must rotate to a different defensive position each inning. Coaches should alternate players between infield and outfield positions, ensuring no player repeats a position during a game.


  1. Games and practices will use a training ball provided by the league.
  2. All batters and base runners are required to wear batting helmets for protection.
  3. Spikes are prohibited but molded rubber cleats are allowed.
  4. Bat throwing is not allowed.


  1. All practices will start at 6:00 PM.
  2. Coaches have access to practice agendas, timeframes, and schedules.
  3. Practices are cancelled at the coach's discretion.


  1. All games will start at 6:00 PM.
  2. Games will last a maximum of three innings or one hour, whichever comes first. No new inning will start after the hour limit is reached.
  3. Both teams will have an equal opportunity to bat, with the home team always completing its last at bat.
  4. Each team will bat every player each inning, with the final batter rounding the bases to ensure continuous play.
  5. After hitting, each batter will advance to first base. No batter will be sent to the bench if they are thrown out, promoting continuous engagement.
  6. Players will advance one base at a time until reaching home plate. Only singles are allowed; there will be no extra-base hits to maintain game flow and fairness.
  7. MYSA will announce cancellations due to weather by 4:00 PM when possible.


  1. The distance between bases will be set at 30 feet.


  1. All players will bat each inning.
  2. Strikeouts are not permitted to encourage hitting practice and participation.
  3. All players are required to hit off the tee throughout the season without exceptions. Starting the last four games of the season, coaches may opt to pitch to the players, with a limit of four pitches. If a player does not hit after four pitches, the tee will be used to complete the at-bat. No exceptions will be made to this rule to ensure fair play and to keep the game engaging for all participants. This approach also aims to develop proper batting technique through consistent use of the batting tee.


  1. Players may wear shorts or pants.


  1. Base runners may advance one base at a time.
  2. Stealing bases or advancing on overthrows is not permitted.


  1. Coaches are responsible for game and bench management.
  2. Coaches should collaborate to maintain the game's pace and ensure adherence to league rules. Given the young age of the participants, it's crucial to keep the game engaging and provide a positive experience for all.
Here are some great resources to help plan practices: